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Russian Patent Attorneys

A Federal Chamber of Patent Attorneys to appear in Russia

The current law on Russian patent attorneys is to be amended for the first time since its adoption in 2008. Today, there are 1806 patent attorneys in Russia, which provide legal services in the field of intellectual property law. At the same time in Germany there are twice as many such specialists.

“Russian legislation in this area needs modernization”, said senator Sergei Fabrichny. “The most important thing in our bill is a new balance of interests of intellectual property owners, applicants, patent attorneys, and state authorities that meets the requirements of the present time”.

According to the senator, the new law will detail the powers and tasks faced by Rospatent and the Federal Chamber of Patent Attorneys, which will be created. By the way, all Russian patent attorneys will be obliged to become its members. It is also expected that the standards of the profession will be formalized and adopted.

In addition, a notion of a “commercial secret” of a patent attorney is expected to appear.

The senator noted that amendments to the law on patent attorneys have been discussed for several years already. But only now, according to him, they have become closer to having a foothold in the law.

Chinese Truck

Chinese company patented a monstrous off-road truck in Russia

In April last year, a Chinese engineering company IAT Automobile Technology shocked the visitors of the Beijing Motor Show with their brutal off-road truck Kalman King based on a Ford pickup truck. Since then, nothing has been heard about the project but this week the truck has suddenly “surfaced” at the website of the Russian Patent and Trademark Office.

According to the information given on the website, an industrial design application for the truck was filed on May 6 last year, that is almost immediately after its premiere in Beijing, which took place on April 26.

The truck mocks US military F-117 Nighthawk aircraft, uses many parts found in Ford F-450 Super Duty pickup truck, and is features a 6.8-liter V10 367 hp petrol engine. Many parts of the interior were also borrowed from its american counterpart, but have an “exclusive finish”, including gold plating. The extra charge for the new body is astronomical: the manufacturer asks 1.85 million dollars for their marvelous vehicle, although it is still unknown whether at least one retail unit has been released.

One way or another, the Russian Patent and Trademark Office issued  industrial design patent 102874 to the applicant (Baging AS Tech Tech.). The authors of the industrial design are Chinese citizens Zhang Zang and Venrui Lee. For what purpose the Chinese need a patent in Russia, one can only guess. It is not excluded that they expect to sell Kalman King to our oligarchs, but the idea, frankly, is doubtful, and the certification of the truck will cost a fortune, thus only increasing its final price.


Russia and China to join efforts on intellectual property protection

China and Russia are about to intensify their efforts in terms of intellectual property protection, as stated in the official press release issued by the end of a meeting of the two countries’ prime ministers.

The prime minister of the People’s Republic of China’s State Council Li Ketzyan visited Moscow on November 6-8th, as a part of his official visit to Russia. On November 7th¬† he had a meeting with Russian prime minister Dmitry Medvedev.

According to the press release, ‘the parties agreed that IP authorities of Russia and China must extend collaboration on intellectual property protection matters, including harmonization of their positions on the international level’.