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Russian Trademark Search

Trademark search is the cornerstone of a successful and hassle-free trademark registration in Russia, which helps to minimize unnecessary expenses and saves up to 12 months of your time. Our Russian trademark attorneys can easily assist you in developing the best registration strategy for your brand in Russia and, once registered, protect it against questionable competition strategies.

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(incl. both Professional and State fees)

Why search Russian trademarks? - During examination by the Russian Patent and Trademark Office, a trademark application undergoes the state search procedure, which normally takes up to a year and results in either a refusal or successful registration. Searching in the official Russian trademark database (trademark register) before filing your application with the Russian Patent and Trademark Office helps to assess all possible risks, resulting from existing trademarks, and to amend your application accordingly or draft a rescue plan to succeed in registration.


This service is also useful for the owners of existing Russian trademarks as the regular searching in the Russian trademark database helps to reveal possible infringement due to trademark squatting or doubtful business practices.

Trademark Search Procedure

For a Russian trademark search, the following information is required:


  • Trademark description and depiction
  • Trademark type
  • Target Nice Classes
  • Any additional information (target registration timeframe, particular trademark holder, etc.)


Trademark search normally takes up to 10 days and results in a report containing a list of relevant trademarks from the official Russian trademark database, with all additional information, such as their current status, registration date, Nice classes, holder(s) name(s), etc. The report is accompanied by a written opinion of our company's licensed Russian trademark attorney, indicating the registrability status of the candidate trademark and, if necessary, additional instructions and suggestions on its registration strategy.



$250 (1 Nice class)
+ $60 per each additional Nice class over 1


$250 (1 Nice class)
+ $60 per each additional Nice class over 1

Combined (Word + Logo)

$450 (1 Nice class)
+ $60 per each additional Nice class over 1

For a full list of fees, please refer to our Schedule of Fees or contact us to receive an accurate estimation for your particular trademark search case.

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