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The RUPTO is rumored to increase the patent and trademark state fee amounts in Russia by 2-3 times

The RUPTO‘s patent and trademark state fees may be increased by, at least, 2 times, thus providing an annual federal budget income growth of about 20 million dollars.

As mentioned by an anonymous government official, a draft version of the bill proposed by the Russian Patent and Trademark Office is currently discussed by the federal government.

Particularly, the RUPTO is referring to the foreign patent and trademark state fee practices. Due to the devaluation, these fees have become the lowest compared to other member countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU), which regulate them based on the market US dollar exchange rate. Thus, for example, patent application filing in Russia costs only 1650 roubles (~$25) in state fees, while in Kazakhstan and Belarus the corresponding state fee amount equals 4000 roubles (~$60) and 3000 roubles (~$45), respectively.

New Russian patent and trademark state fee amounts are proposed to be set according to the minimal respective amounts among other EEU countries; at the same time, certain types of legal entities and private individuals will be granted a wider range of privileges, including, in some cases, zero state fee amounts.


The RUPTO to recognize Red Bull as a famous trademark in Russia

The Russian Patent and Trademark Office agreed to recognize Red Bull as a famous trademark in Russia, according to a claim filed by Red Bull GmbH (Austria), as stated at its website. The brand is recognized as famous under the 32th Nice class (non-alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, juices, and energy drinks).

According to a public opinion poll conducted by the VTsIOM (Russian Public Opinion Research Center), the brand is known to most of the poll participants. A poll conducted by Levada Center has shown that the brand is familiar to 99% of the respondents. These results have proved that the trademark has a wide recognition in Russia, as stated in the RUPTO’s press release.

Legal protection of a famous trademark is permanent. Even more, legal protection of a famous trademark also covers categories of goods where the trademark is not recognized as famous, if the use of this trademark by a third party for these goods would be associated by customers with the fact of possessing exclusive rights to the trademark and thus could potentially harm the rightful interests of its owner.

Red Bull GmbH is an Austrian energy drink manufacturer. It is widely known as a sponsor and founder of numerous automobile and motorbike competitions.