Monthly Archives: November 2016


‘Black Friday’ trademark registration objection rejected by the RUPTO

The Russian Patent and Trademark Office has ruled the ‘Black Friday’ trademark (held by Black Friday Ltd.) to not be cancelled. Thus, the objection filed by ‘M.Video Management’ company against legal protection of the brand has been denied.

‘M.Video Management’ stated that, as a major Russian retailer, it extensively uses the ‘Black Friday’ trademark to designate discount sales. The company’s representative also mentioned that the brand in question has been known in Russia long before the priority date of the trademark due to the large coverage by the media (the ‘Black Friday’ trademark has been registered by Black Friday Ltd. in December 2015).

However, the Russian Patent and Trademark Office has agreed with Black Friday Ltd., which stated that, as the business activities of the company covered by the trademark are different from those of the objector, no trademark infringement occurs.

It is always important to remember that Russia is a ‘first-to-file’ country in terms of the trademark priority. Thus, it is impossible to gain any legal protection solely on the grounds of the actual business use of the mark, as a legal priority date can be obtained by filing a regular trademark application with the Russian Patent and Trademark Office only.


Russia and China to join efforts on intellectual property protection

China and Russia are about to intensify their efforts in terms of intellectual property protection, as stated in the official press release issued by the end of a meeting of the two countries’ prime ministers.

The prime minister of the People’s Republic of China’s State Council Li Ketzyan visited Moscow on November 6-8th, as a part of his official visit to Russia. On November 7th  he had a meeting with Russian prime minister Dmitry Medvedev.

According to the press release, ‘the parties agreed that IP authorities of Russia and China must extend collaboration on intellectual property protection matters, including harmonization of their positions on the international level’.